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Headers are one of the easiest bolt-on accessories you can install to improve your engine’s performance. The goal of headers is to make it easier for your engine to push exhaust gases out of the cylinders. It works by eliminating the manifold’s back pressure. Instead of sharing a common manifold, each cylinder gets its own exhaust pipe. The individual pipes are cut and bent so that each one is the same length as the others (ideally), which guarantees that each cylinder’s exhaust gases arrive in the collector spaced out equally so there is no back pressure generated by the cylinders sharing the collector. Therefore, you notice more power and torque from your engine.

Performance Muffler carries header products from Hedman, Kooks, Pacesetter, and JBA. We install EPA legal header systems and kits. We do NOT install cat delete headers or header systems, as this is illegal. Some vehicles require tooling and equipment that Performance Muffler does not have, therefore we cannot install headers on all vehicles. Please call for availability and fitment.

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