3 Signs it's Time for Exhaust Repair

3 Signs It’s Time for Exhaust Repair

An automobile comprises several systems and components that keep it operating safely and effectively. Among the most crucial is your vehicle’s exhaust system. If it isn’t working right, schedule an exhaust repair as soon as possible with the professionals at Performance Muffler. 

The exhaust system collects fumes from the engine and reduces the air pollution your car releases into the environment. More so, it ensures the smooth running of the engine, dampens engine noise, and maintains maximum fuel efficiency.

Exhaust fumes typically flow through the exhaust manifold, catalytic converter, resonator, and muffler before leaving the system through the tailpipe.

In this post, we’ll highlight three common signs that your exhaust system has issues and that it’s time to schedule exhaust repair.

Strange Noises and Vibrations

Loud or weird noises from your vehicle often point to an issue with your exhaust. But since your exhaust system has several components, each problem may have a distinct noise.

Loud rumbling from the engine that rises and falls with the vehicle’s RPMs indicates an exhaust leak. You’ll often find leaks in the exhaust manifold and joints along the system.

A constant rattling sound from a running engine may show a faulty or loose catalytic converter. You need to address catalytic converter issues as soon as possible.

If your exhaust system has a restriction or unusually high back pressure, you may hear hissing or popping noises. An easy way to measure whether your engine has become louder is to check your radio settings. For instance, note whether you have to consistently increase the volume of your car’s music system.

Vibrations can mean different things, but an exhaust leak is one of the most common. When you have a leaking exhaust, you may feel a slight constant vibration while driving that worsens as you accelerate.

If vibrations occur when you touch the steering wheel, seat, or foot pedals, you probably have a rusty exhaust system. The muffler and pipes of vehicles that don’t take many long trips rarely get hot enough to evaporate the collected water. As a result, leftover condensation sits in the exhaust system and rusts it over time.

Stay alert for strange noises or vibrations to ensure early detection of problems and prevent hefty exhaust repair costs.

Performance Issues

As you may already know, exhaust problems affect your engine’s performance, and the most common culprit is the catalytic converter. When your catalytic converter malfunctions or has an issue, you may notice a decrease in your vehicle’s accelerating power or loss of power when you least expect it.

Loss of power or acceleration issues often signal a leak, crack, or hole somewhere in the exhaust system. These performance issues have a ripple effect on gas consumption. For example, power loss forces the engine to work harder than it should, resulting in higher gas consumption.

If you have to visit the gas station more often than usual, you may have an exhaust leak. Visit an auto shop as soon as possible to diagnose any significant drops in fuel efficiency. Exhaust leaks may lead to inaccurate readings on the oxygen sensor in the exhaust system.

The oxygen sensor controls the amount of fuel that goes into the combustion chamber. Higher oxygen levels in the exhaust, as would be the case with a leaking system, tell the engine management system to add fuel to burn the excess oxygen.

Take note of your fuel consumption because poor fuel efficiency may require immediate attention and repair.

Visible Signs

You can spot some exhaust problems by simply looking at your exhaust pipe. Heavily rusted and split exhausts will often show severe damage from the outside. If possible, inspect the entire exhaust from the engine to the tailpipe, checking for signs of corrosion, especially at the joints and seams.

Contact a professional mechanic or visit an auto repair shop as soon as you experience symptoms of exhaust issues. It also helps to note that the exhaust system can get extremely hot during operation, so never touch it until you’ve switched off your car for some time. 

A check engine light that comes on might also result from exhaust problems. Unfortunately, delaying exhaust repair only worsens the problem, so always schedule exhaust repairs as soon as possible.

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