Benefits of a Cat-Back Exhaust System

Has the performance of your car slumped lately? This issue could be linked to your exhaust system. On that note, it’s prudent to consider acquiring a cat-back exhaust system.

A cat-back exhaust system is a modification in the exhaust pipe to improve airflow. The system runs from the tip of the exhaust to the catalytic part of the system.  The cat-back system comprises a pipe connecting the muffler to the catalytic converter, and the exhaust tip. Some manufacturers include other modifications like mid-pipe, X-pipe, H, or Y pipe.

So, how will your ride benefit from installing a cat-back system?

1. An Increased Horsepower

A 10-20% power loss associated with an exhaust system could be the barrier between your car and its full potential. The cat-back exhaust system provides a vital boost to ensure the vehicle produces maximum horsepower and torque.

The cat-back system has a larger diameter than a standard muffler; the wide opening creates more space for the free flow of air. On the other hand, the cat-back piping is made of a high-grade shaft to enhance the smooth flow of air.

A point to note: The cat-back system’s success relies on the exhaust system’s initial design and catalytic converter — if the exhaust has sufficient room, the cat-back will boost performance.

On the contrary, a factory exhaust that restricts air movement cannot benefit much from a cat-back system.

2. Better Fuel Economy

Fuel economy is another notable benefit a vehicle acquires after the installation of a cat-back system. The cat-back system improves airflow, which means the engine doesn’t work as hard to eliminate exhaust fumes.

The reduced resistance minimizes the load on the engine, which leads to less fuel consumption. That said, the vehicle miles per gallon (MPG) or fuel economy increases in freeways and city roads.

3. Unique Sound

A cat-back system plays a part in improving the sound that a car can emit. Depending on your preference, there is an exhaust system that’ll perfectly fit your style. When shopping for a cat-back system, it’s crucial to verify whether its sound matches your style.

How to Settle On the Right Cat-Back System

Single Exhaust

If you’re on a budget or prefer a modest modification, a single exhaust is the right fit. It can be an upgrade to the stock system because of the less restrictive shaft bends. On the other hand, it’s light and affordable as compared to the double exhaust system.

Dual Exhaust

Dual exhaust is the right fit for performance enthusiasts. The system comprises two sets of mufflers, catalytic converters, and exhaust pipes — depending on the manufacturer, there may be a varying modification of the muffler’s shape.

Car enthusiasts prefer dual exhaust because of the sporty look, unique growl, and superior performance.

Dual Exit

Dual exit is a modification of the single exhaust— it comprises one head pipe, converter, and a muffler with two exhaust tips. It’s an excellent option for aesthetic reasons but has no performance advantage over a single exhaust.

Cat-Back Material

Stainless Steel: Stainless steel is rust-resistant but difficult to bend or weld. An exhaust system made of steel is expensive but looks great.

Aluminum: It’s moderately priced and lasts longer than ordinary steel. It’s a good option for a mid-range budget.

Let Us Transform Your Ride

Modifying your vehicle’s exhaust system is one way to boost your ride’s performance. It’s therefore critical to understand the technique, benefits, and what an exhaust system like cat-back brings to your car.

That said, it’s beneficial to work with a reputable exhaust system expert like Performance Muffler. Our Google reviews show that our customers enjoy excellent service, quality products, and expertise from us. Call us today to get a quote.

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