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Keeping your car performing optimally can be an involving task, especially if you are not experienced in automobiles. However, you don’t have to worry anymore because the Performance Muffler team is here to ensure your car’s performance is effective by repairing and replacing its catalytic converter whenever necessary.

Performance Muffler is a full-service custom exhaust and muffler shop based in Scottsdale, AZ. Specializing in various services, Performance Muffler is your go-to shop in Phoenix whenever you need to replace your catalytic converter or when looking to up your cat performance. 

Why a Performance Muffler in Scottsdale?

Finding a reliable custom exhaust and muffler shop in Phoenix isn’t a simple task. There are so many exhaust and muffler shops coming up such that it becomes challenging to determine which is best for you.

Performance Muffler outshines most shops in Scottsdale, AZ, for a variety of the following reasons:

  • Professional team: Performance Muffler takes pride in its team of friendly professionals committed to keeping your catalytic converter working in perfect condition. 
  • Years of experience: for over 15 years, Performance Muffler has served clients in Phoenix and the surrounding areas. Such experience comes with reliable knowledge to guarantee the best service to all clients.
  • Wide range of services: Performance Muffler is a one-stop-shop for all your catalytic and exhaust system needs. Whether you need the cat repaired, replaced, or a boost in exhaust power, you will get it here. 

Catalytic Converter Replacement & Installation

A catalytic converter is a significant part of your car’s exhaust system. Designed to convert substances inside the exhaust to harmless components, the catalytic converter keeps the exhaust and engine in perfect condition.

Converters can clog, causing the engine to misfire, low car performance, and a potential shutdown of your car’s engine. Therefore, you need to maintain your car’s catalytic converter to keep the engine and car working well. 

In case you notice any bad catalytic signs such as engine misfires, bad smell from the exhaust, and reduced car performance, it is time to engage the professionals at Performance Muffler.

Different Services We Offer in Scottsdale

Performance Muffler specializes in various custom exhaust services. Some of the standard services you can get here include catalytic converter repair and replacement, cat-back, and exhaust repair. 

1. Catalytic Converter Repair and Replacement

If your car’s catalytic converter is clogged or damaged, you will need to replace or repair it. Failure to address a malfunctioning catalytic converter could cause significant issues to your car including engine shutdown. 

The team at Performance Muffler is experienced in all aspects of cat repair and replacement. The experts here will troubleshoot and replace your faulty catalytic converter.

2. Cat-Back Exhaust Service

Your car’s exhaust system needs to remain functioning at all times for the effective performance of your vehicle. However, a cat-back exhaust gives the system additional horsepower, engine sound, and fuel economy. If you want to enjoy all these benefits, get in touch with Performance Muffler’s experts to customize your ride. 

3. Exhaust Repair and Replacement

An effective exhaust system will enhance your car’s performance and maximum power while at the same time ensuring the release of harmless components into the environment. With over 15 years of experience, the mechanics at Performance Muffler will know what aspect of your exhaust systems needs customization, replacement, or repair. 

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Your catalytic converter plays a significant role in keeping the exhaust system clean and functioning well. When in perfect condition, the catalytic converter enhances your car’s performance. Therefore, it is always advisable to engage a professional if your catalytic converter shows signs of malfunctioning or clogging. 

Schedule an appointment with us to request any of our services today. Our team is experienced in all aspects of exhaust and muffler services.

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