Does custom exhaust void warranty in Phoenix AZ

Does a Custom Exhaust Void Your Warranty in Phoenix, AZ?

A custom exhaust system will not void your warranty if the part does not cause damage to any other aspect of the car. Legally, your dealer must prove that the aftermarket exhaust system is at fault and caused the damage. The dealer will deny warranty coverage if they find the customized exhaust liable for the problems.

What Does Void My Warranty? 

Depending on the situation, a dealer can void your warranty partially or entirely. The following sections list some main reasons the dealer may have voided your warranty.

Misuse of Your Car

When you modify your car, dealers may suspect you of racing or off-roading. If they believe this to be the case, your dealer will investigate the reason for the damage. If they find any evidence of misuse, your warranty becomes void. 

You can modify your car for various legal reasons, so be open about why you choose to customize your vehicle. However, even without proof, the dealer may deny your warranty if there are clear signs of abuse. 

Incorrect Fluid Use

Never put anything in your tank except the correct gas because the damages are not under warranty. Always be sure that you are adding gas to a gas tank and diesel to a diesel; mistake or not, you must pay out of pocket for the problems that ensue. 

Neglecting Maintenance

Have the dealer inspect your car at regular intervals. Or, if you choose to maintain your vehicle yourself, keep all receipts of oil and parts for proof that you take care of the vehicle yourself. If the dealer believes you neglect your car, all repairs will be out of pocket. 

What Are the Benefits of an Aftermarket Exhaust System? 

Off-the-lot cars come with a standard, one-size-fits-all exhaust system. These parts are often less expensive and meet all requirements but are not customized to work with your vehicle specifically. 

You receive better mileage, horsepower, and torque with customized exhaust service. You can explain what you need from a custom exhaust to your mechanic and ensure you get the benefits you require most. 

Read the following for more benefits of an aftermarket exhaust:

  • Better mileage
  • Increased engine performance
  • Better sound and feeling
  • Higher quality materials

Hire a Performance Muffler mechanic to install a new exhaust system for your vehicle and receive all these benefits and more. Speak with our professionals for a detailed explanation of how it can help you. 

A customized exhaust allows you to truly personalize your car. While a new paint job or body work changes the appearance, a new exhaust can improve how your car runs. Make your car your own with our help. 

How to Maintain Your Warranty with Customized Aftermarket Parts

Read your warranty thoroughly and ensure you follow the correct procedure at all times. Each warranty is different, and many make the mistake of skipping over the fine print. Reach out for help if you don’t understand something in your warranty. 

If you lost your warranty, you can usually find it online or request another copy. You should keep all necessary paperwork in a secure place for reference later. Include all proof of maintenance and receipts related to your car, so you can show the dealer you receive regular services. 

Don’t use your car for anything other than its intended use. Racing, off-roading, or altering the odometer will void your warranty. Always ensure your vehicle use stays within the legal requirements. 

Always work with our qualified and highly trained mechanics to ensure your custom exhaust in Phoenix performs correctly. You must pay out of pocket if a mechanic incorrectly places the part or it becomes a hazard to your vehicle. Our team ensures your car works perfectly after installation to mitigate the risk. 

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