Elevate Your Vehicle with Exhaust Repairs and Replacements

Elevate Your Vehicle with Exhaust Repairs and Replacements

Does your car need a little extra speed and power to keep it up to par with your standards or needs? Exhaust repairs and replacements are the most common and accessible services to seek. A new or repaired exhaust system breathes new life into any car that struggles to keep up on and off the road. 

Exhaust system repairs are also one of the most common services a car owner will seek. But you shouldn’t choose any old auto shop to perform the service. Let the specialists at Performance Muffler in Phoenix, AZ guide you through the ins and outs of exhaust services.

Understanding The Exhaust System

You probably already know that each car has an exhaust system. You can see the exhaust pipe protruding from the back underside of most vehicles. The pipe represents the back portion of the exhaust system. The system begins near the engine combustion chambers. 

Your car’s exhaust operations perform the following functions to ensure everything runs smoothly. 

  • First and foremost, the catalytic converter reduces the harmful emissions produced by the vehicle. Different states have varying requirements on emission reduction, but Arizona has some stout laws in place regarding this subject. 
  • Second, it circulates hot gases away from the engine. If the gases stayed near the engine, it would overheat and eventually stop working completely. 
  • Finally, the system helps keep your car’s noise down. If you’ve ever heard a car without a full exhaust system drive by, you know how loud they sound. 

Refreshing your car exhaust system goes beyond practical and lawful uses. It can also make your car faster and more powerful than before. 

Signs of Exhaust Issues and The Benefits of Timely Repairs

So, what does exhaust disrepair look like? Your vehicle will give you a few tell-tale signs to let you know it needs exhaust repairs and replacements. Some of the most common indicators include:

  • Louder vehicle operations. Most vehicles make some level of noise when cranked and operating. However, a steep increase in noisiness could mean that the exhaust system needs a little work. 
  • An illuminated “check engine” on your dashboard. You may not notice anything different with your car. But your “check engine” light will come on for no explicable reason. 
  • A gassy, eggy odor coming from your car’s exhaust. When you crank or accelerate your vehicle, do you detect a foul smell? This could indicate a failed converter. 
  • More frequent pit stops. Some vehicles use more gas per mile than others. But a sharp increase in your visits to gas stations might mean your car has to work harder due to a dysfunctional exhaust system. 

You might feel tempted to ignore the above issues, especially if you can still travel from point A to point B efficiently. But avoiding professional services can lead to increased gas usage, component material degradation, and leak development. This will drain your wallet while slowly running your car into the ground. 

The worst-case scenario involves the destruction of expensive parts like the exhaust manifold or even the entire exhaust system. A prompt repair can save your bank account and your ride. 

Professional Exhaust Repair and Replacement Services

Although repair and replacement services are often necessary, a knowledgeable technician can help you choose new parts or upgrades that make your ride more fun and agile during commutes. One of the perks of a refreshed exhaust system is more horsepower, better performance, and handling improvements you can feel. Your mechanic will also guide you through the services you need to fix your vehicle and improve its performance. 

The cat-back exhaust system is among the most common areas that need repair and replacement. It is located in the back of the system and contains the exhaust pipe, resonator, and rear pipe. It handles a lot of use and abuse since its components are directly exposed to the road, flying debris, and intense vibrations. 

If you need to replace your muffler, consider a dual exhaust pipe. Its opening forks into two openings rather than just one. This directs more heat and exhausts away from the engine throughout the operation. 

Steps in The Exhaust Repair and Replacement Process

What should you expect during the repair and replacement process? You’ll first bring your car into the shop for service. A mechanic will inspect your system to diagnose the specific issue. They may connect a diagnostic tool to newer cars for an accurate, time-efficient reading. 

Small repairs may only take a day or two to complete. But if you need a new part, you may have to wait a little longer. The mechanic has to source a part that fits your make and model, remove the old part, and fit the new one onto your car. Bigger, more expensive parts, like the manifold, may take even longer since some parts can be difficult to source if you don’t have them readily available. 

Finally, you’ll get your car back. But the exhaust repairs and replacements will make it handle much more smoothly than before. 

Choose Performance Muffler to Service Your Cat-Back Exhaust System in Phoenix, AZ

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