Do Exhaust Tips Change The Sound Your Vehicle Makes?

The exhaust of your car plays a key role in the performance, appearance, and sound of your vehicle. When looking to complete or enhance the look of a car, many people like to add exhaust tips to their tailpipe. But before doing so, you may want to consider the factors that make an exhaust tip worth it, specifically if an exhaust tip will change your vehicle’s sound. 

What Is an Exhaust Tip?

The visible part of your exhaust tailpipe is the exhaust tip, or also known as a “muffler tip.” Sometimes it may be one or two pipes, depending on if a vehicle has a single or dual exhaust system. In the entire exhaust system, the tailpipe is the end of a combustion process that removes gases and funnels them underneath the car to more safely be released. An exhaust tip, which can come in a variety of styles and sizes, can have an effect on a vehicle’s sound, depending on the type and size. 

Exhaust Tip Performance

Exhaust tips, since they are literally at the tailend of the exhaust system, will make a car have a more powerful sound. But a normal tip typically will have a small effect on the exhaust sound. A larger tip will give the engine a stronger, hearty sound, while a small tip will produce a raspy sound. This is where taking a look at different exhaust tips for your vehicle will pay off. You’ll be able to determine the style and noise you’re looking for. 

Variety of Exhaust Tips: Walls

You will notice quickly in your research the difference of a single wall or double wall tip, which can be described as the thickness of an exhaust tip. 

Single wall. The single wall exhaust tip consists of just one piece of metal rounded for the tip, cut at each end. It can obviously look a little thinner, and possibly not the most complete. 

Double wall. On the other hand, many car lovers looking to add an exhaust tip enjoy the double wall tip since it has a full, finished look. The double wall has another layer of metal it wraps over itself. It appears as a smooth finish. This option, as expected, can be a little more expensive, but it will give a vibrant look that you are aiming for with your vehicle. 

But the secret is that the wall of an exhaust tip doesn’t have an effect on the performance, just the style. 

Variety of Exhaust Tips: Diameter

The true measure of the exhaust note is how wide or narrow the diameter is. Ranging between 1.5 to 4 inches, the exhaust tip diameter can have a decent amount of difference. 

A wider exhaust tip, allowing more fumes to exit quickly, produces that throaty sound, which many car lovers want. It makes the engine sound full and properly working. On the other hand, the narrow exhaust tip has a raspy sound, which typically isn’t sought after. 

Variety of Exhaust Tips: Intercooled

Another personal choice to your exhaust tip, is whether or not you want it intercooled. You’ll quickly recognize this exhaust tip with the series of cut holes at the end. This will also help produce a softer sound, and it can have an interesting look to your vehicle. 

Final Thoughts

If you are looking to upgrade your exhaust by adding a tip to help with sound and an attractive look, then don’t hesitate to contact us today at Performance Muffler. With locations in Phoenix and Peoria and over 15 years of experience, Performance Muffler is proud of our incredible results and superior customer service.

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