how does a cat back exhaust system improve performance

How Does a Cat Back Exhaust System Improve Performance?

A customized cat-back exhaust system can improve the power and performance of your vehicle. Modifying your factory exhaust system allows for greater free-flowing air, which enhances your car’s appearance, sound, and ability. Our mechanics at Performance Muffler can help you decide what exhaust system works for your needs. 

A cat-back exhaust system includes a pipe that connects your catalytic converter to the muffler and the muffler to the exhaust tips. This system sits behind the catalytic converter and directs the exhaust out of your car.

You can change your vehicle to meet your specific needs and choose which additions would benefit you most. Below we detail some of the benefits of a cat-back exhaust system. 

Benefits of a Customized Cat-Back Exhaust System in Glendale

There are several benefits to upgrading cat-back systems. Read the following to understand how upgrading to a cat-back exhaust system in Glendale can help you. 

Less Fuel Consumption

Improved airflow and less resistance take the pressure off your engine and allow it to perform better. The better your engine performs, the less fuel it requires. With a new cat-back system, you’ll refill your car less often, helping your wallet and the environment. 

Improved Sound and Appearance

The main aesthetic improvement is the sound your engine will make with a customized exhaust. Let your car speak for you with a deeper, louder engine. Our mechanics will help you choose the system that emits the sound you want for maximum satisfaction. 

You’ll also notice your car’s appearance improves with a customized system. Many prefer the sporty look of the exhaust pipe, adding to the overall appearance. 

Ultimate Car Power

A cat-back system has a larger diameter than your average muffler, enhancing airflow and relieving engine stress. With a new system, your engine will direct that energy into higher horsepower and better torque. 

A car loses 10-20% of its power to a non-customized cat-back exhaust system. Reclaim that power and help your vehicle become as efficient as possible. 

Is a New Cat-Back System Street Legal? 

Yes, a customized cat-back exhaust system is street-legal. Because replacing the system does not require removing the catalytic converter, your vehicle can pass an emissions test. The catalytic converter makes your exhaust safe for people and animals to breathe. 

However, depending on your location, noise restrictions may dictate how loud your car can be. Be careful driving through specific neighborhoods, as some may have laws regarding loud sounds in certain circumstances. 

Types of Cat-Back Systems and Materials

Which system works for you? Many are available on the market, and our team can guide you to the correct choice for your needs. The following explains some of the variations you may consider. 

Single Exhaust

A single-exhaust system offers a mild upgrade to the original system. It offers lower weight and a more affordable option while enhancing your vehicle’s performance. Because this system has a larger diameter tubing, you receive the benefits of a customized system without the price tag. 

Double Exhaust

The double-exhaust option is ideal for car enthusiasts. The double-exhaust option offers a more attractive and noticeable look, sound, and increased power. 

Dual Exit

Dual exit systems offer the same benefits as a single exhaust with an added aesthetic of double extensions. While the system doesn’t have the same power as a double exhaust, it’s a more affordable option that enhances your car’s appearance. 


Stainless steel is the preferred option of many car enthusiasts because of its durability and appearance. Stainless steel does not rust, so it lasts for many years. However, it is the more expensive material option.

Aluminum is another common material, ideal for a moderate budget. It lasts longer than ordinary steel but is less durable or attractive than stainless. Our team will explain the differences in detail and help you decide which material works best for you. 

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We’ll work with you to find a suitable option and ensure our work meets or surpasses your expectation every time. We offer a range of services and products, so you’ll always have what you need. 

Whatever your car goals, we’re here to help. Contact our team at Performance Mufflers and get your new cat-back exhaust system in Glendale, AZ, today. 

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