Is it worth replacing exhaust on old car?

Is It Worth Replacing the Exhaust on an Old Car?

Yes, even with regular maintenance, your older car will benefit from an exhaust replacement. A typical exhaust lasts, on average, anywhere from two to eight years, although each part of the exhaust will wear out at varying timeframes. 

The catalytic converter should last you around 10 years. Your exhaust pipe, however, will show signs of wear after two to three years. Older cars will run better, sound quieter, and improve engine functionality with regular inspections and replacement parts. 

The team at Performance Muffler offers insight into replacing your exhaust in an older car. For more information, continue reading. 

Signs You Need to Replace Your Exhaust 

How do you know when it’s time to replace your entire exhaust? There are many signs, but our experts have explained some of the most prominent: 

Loud Sounds

The muffler’s main job is to quiet the sounds your exhaust makes. If you’ve recently heard more hissing, banging, or loud sounds from your exhaust, it’s a good sign that you should have the parts inspected. 

If your engine is unusually noisy, your exhaust may have received damage. An exhaust leak can create these loud sounds. Our team can help you find your preferred sound with a better-quality exhaust system. 

Visible Signs

High levels of rust, dark spots, and visible corrosion are all signs of an issue. While you can expect some rust or dark spots, too much will cause deterioration. Have our team perform an inspection and replace the parts necessary. 

Water, contaminants, and rough terrain affect your muffler’s appearance. Our team can help you replace the parts and improve your classic car’s look.

You Smell Fumes

Rotten egg smells or other strong odors in your car’s cab are dangerous to your health and the environment. If you notice the smell of fumes from your vehicle, it’s a sign that you require a new exhaust. 

Carbon monoxide may fill your vehicle without your knowledge because there is no noticeable smell. Carbon monoxide is dangerous to inhale and can cause severe medical problems or fatalities. If you smell unusual odors from your vehicle, protect yourself and your surroundings with an exhaust replacement. 

Benefits of an Entire Exhaust Upgrade

Your classic car will benefit from an exhaust replacement in Phoenix through improved value and gas mileage. The following further explains the potential benefits of replacing the exhaust in your older car. 

Higher Horsepower 

Whether replacing the exhaust or just a section, such as the exhaust manifold, your car will perform more efficiently. Raise your car’s horsepower and improve its performance with an after-market exhaust system. 

Better Appearance

Large amounts of smoke make your car look dirty and run down. A new exhaust system will boost your classic car’s appearance and make the visible parts of the exhaust, such as the exhaust tips, look brighter, cleaner, and generally better. 

Show off your older car with a new exhaust and cleaner appearance. 

Engine Condition 

Lessen the need for repairs and get the most use out of your vehicle. Your engine will last longer with better efficiency. A well-maintained engine will also enhance your car’s value. 

Help your engine extend its lifespan and work more effectively with a new, improved exhaust. 

Environmentally Friendly 

Older cars tend to do more damage to the environment by creating pollution. A new exhaust system will improve gas mileage and lessen its pollution output so that you can drive your classic car without harming the environment. 

What Causes Damage to the Exhaust? 

Your exhaust system experiences a fair amount of wear and tear throughout its life. Physical damage such as the following slowly erodes the exhaust: 

  • Accelerated movement of parts
  • Potholes 
  • Road salt
  • Rust deterioration 

All of these and more affect your exhaust, engine, and performance; however, regular maintenance and inspections can help mitigate the issues.

The exhaust system has several small parts that keep it in place and working effectively. Replacing these small parts ensures your exhaust stays where it should and works correctly. Let the professionals handle your exhaust repair or replacement for the best results that are sure to last.  

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