Muffler Repair: Everything You Need To Know

You might not think a lot about your muffler, but, in reality, it does a lot to keep your vehicle running. In a real sense, it muffles the noise pressure your engine makes by dampening the vibrations and inhibiting them from landing in the passenger cabin. Alongside that, your muffler makes sure that your engine doesn’t overwork and also that it expels hazardous fumes emitted from your engine lest you inhale them.

Notwithstanding, at a particular point in its lifespan, a muffler can begin to misbehave due to constant use requiring you to repair it. At Performance Muffler, we are well experienced in the automotive industry and constantly strive to provide you with high-quality muffler repair services.

5 Signs That Your Muffler Needs Repair

So how do you tell that it’s time to repair your muffler? Here are five tell-tale signs:

1.    Sudden Loud Noise

One sign that your muffler needs to be repaired is when you begin to hear loud or strange noises. One of the mufflers functions is to reduce the noise produced by your vehicle’s exhaust system, so sudden loud or strange noise means there’s an underlying issue. If your engine is louder than usual, it’s crucial to schedule it for repair before the situation worsens.

2.    Decrease in Gas Mileage

If you discover that you are receiving a lower gas mileage, it’s an indicator that your muffler has a problem. A well-functioning muffler helps with efficiency, and if you’re experiencing the opposite, it’s time to have it checked. 

3.    Bad Fume Smell

If you experience a lot of exhaust smoke coming from your smell fumes or tailpipe while driving, it might be your muffler. Exhaust fumes have a diverse burnt smell, so if you experience some weird odors, you should have your muffler checked and fixed. Depending on how long you stay in the car, you may notice physical symptoms like an irritated throat, sinuses and eyes. So it’s essential to have it checked immediately as it can pose a serious health issue.

4.    Your Car’s Temperature Runs Hot

Part of what your vehicle’s exhaust system does is to recirculate a small volume of exhaust back into your engine’s combustion chambers. This helps to keep proper engine temperature by cooling it down a bit. If the engine temperature begins springing up, it could mean a lot at times. If accompanied by other signs of a muffler repair, it’s time to have it inspected for repairs.

5.    Clogging

Regularly driving on rough roads can end up shaking your vehicle’s internal parts. This makes them loose, which in turn clogs the muffler. The clogging is a sure sign that your muffler needs repair.

Why It’s Important to Seek a Professional

It’s crucial to reach out to an expert as soon as you suspect a muffler problem to make sure that there are no significant issues at play. Muffler issues can have a dangerous effect on the exhaust system. A professional repairer has the equipment to look for problems that you might not typically detect by yourself. They have enough know-how to spot any major issues, look for holes, as well as rust issues that can cause serious problems.

Trust The Professionals at Performance Muffler for Your Muffler Repair

At Performance Muffler, we understand that a failed muffler is a more significant issue than just having a noisy vehicle.  It can lead to engine damage, poor performance, heightened emission levels, poor fuel economy, among other problems. This is why we are focused on providing you with convenient, reliable and efficient muffler repair services. 

Get in touch with us today to get a quote and stand a chance to enjoy our exceptional muffler repair services as well as a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Our team of experts will get you back on the road in a safe and quiet vehicle.

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