The Cat-Back Exhaust System: How it Can Improve Your Car's Resale Value

The Cat-Back Exhaust System: How it Can Improve Your Car’s Resale Value

One of the most important things to consider when buying a car is whether or not it is a sound investment. You need to find out if the vehicle is reliable if it will last long enough for the purchase to make sense, and what kind of resale value to expect. These days, many auto enthusiasts are buying vehicles, adding upgrades and modifications, and putting them back on the market for a profit.

One of the best modifications to increase your car’s resale value is a cat-back exhaust system. Whether you’re planning to use the car for a while before selling it or you’re just planning to flip it for a quick buck, installing a cat-back system is a great way to attract buyers and increase the vehicle’s value. In this article, we’ll go over the benefits of cat-back systems and what makes them attractive to car buyers.

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What Is a Cat-back Exhaust System?

A cat-back exhaust system is an aftermarket modification to a vehicle’s stock exhaust. When we refer to a cat-back system, we’re talking about the modified portion of the exhaust system directly behind the catalytic converter ending at the exhaust tips. Cat-back systems get their name because they only replace this area of the stock exhaust system.

Cat-back systems have become increasingly popular over the years with car lovers because they offer several aesthetic and functional benefits. If your looking to increase your car’s resale value, adding a cat-back exhaust system is a surefire way to get the attention of buyers who are serious about collecting, racing, and showcasing their vehicles.

An Added Sense of Style

The first thing we’ll mention when talking about cat-back systems and car resale is “style.” These high-performance exhaust systems will make your car look attractive to a buyer before you even turn it on. From the wide-diameter, stainless steel pipes to the sleek exhaust tips, cat-back systems add a touch of personality and sophistication to any automobile.

A dual exhaust tip setup will improve performance, create a booming sound, and give the car a classic look. If you’re looking to save money on the upgrade, you can go with a single exhaust with a dual exit setup. The dual exit offers no performance advantages over a single exhaust, but it gives the car an impressive, intimidating look.

It Keeps The Car Street Legal

Some exhaust modifications can make a vehicle illegal to drive on public roads. Buyers are typically not enthusiastic about purchasing a car they can’t technically drive anywhere. Since a cat-back exhaust system doesn’t require you to remove the catalytic converter, it doesn’t affect the vehicle’s emissions in a way that would impact the environment or get you in trouble with the law.

They Are Affordable

Making too many upgrades to your vehicle can have you walking a fine line between making a profit on your car and taking a loss. Expensive modifications can make your vehicle stand out in the second-hand market but may not necessarily translate to a positive return on investment.

Cat-back systems are one of the most affordable vehicles upgrades a car owner can make. The average cost for a cat-back exhaust system ranges between $300 and $1,500, depending on materials and labor costs. These savings allow you to increase interest in your automobile without pulling down your profits.

They Allow More Power

Manufacturers cut costs when producing stock exhaust systems by reducing the amount of materials to make them. Because the pipes are smaller, they cut down the vehicle’s horsepower. Cat-back exhaust systems have wider pipes that allow gases to flow through the system more efficiently – increasing horsepower.

Increased Fuel Efficiency

Because the engine has less work to do when pushing gases through the exhaust system, it doesn’t need to use as much fuel to keep the car running. With today’s skyrocketing gas prices, nobody wants to buy an automobile that guzzles fuel whenever they drive it. With a cat-back exhaust system, many makes and models of vehicles have a notable improvement in gas mileage, especially during highway driving.

Let Your Engine Roar

It’s no secret that people who love cars want to hear the engine rumble and roar while they speed down the racetrack or cruise through their town. Cat-back systems allow you to customize the sound of your vehicle’s exhaust.

You can have a glass pack muffler installed to give your car a louder, higher-pitched exhaust or a straight-through muffler that boosts performance while dampening the engine sound. You can also choose from a wide variety of custom cat-back systems that let you control the volume and type of sound you get from your exhaust. By finding the kind of engine sound that matches the style and aesthetic of the car, you’ll significantly increase the amount of money people are willing to spend on it.

Cat-back Exhaust System in Phoenix, AZ

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