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The Importance of a Catalytic Converter

If your car was manufactured after 1975, there is a good chance that, at some point, you will hear about your catalytic converter. For many people who do not know much about cars, you may be wondering what a catalytic converter is and why it is so important. Before spending money on a repair or replacement, it is reasonable to want to know these things. 

Here is an overview of what a catalytic converter is and what it does. 

What Is a Catalytic Converter?

A catalytic converter is a beaded or honeycomb-shaped metal that can be found on the underside of your vehicle. Typically made from rhodium, platinum, or palladium, the catalytic converter is a part of the exhaust system that is located between the exhaust manifold and the muffler. 

Catalytic converters are an essential part of a car’s exhaust system. It converts the harmful chemicals that are found in a car’s exhaust into safe compounds. Things like carbon monoxide that are not safe for humans or the environment are broken down and made less harmless by the catalytic converter.

While the primary purpose of this device is to filter harmful chemicals, it also makes cars more efficient. If the converter is running smoothly, it reduces emissions as well as fuel efficiency.

What Does a Catalytic Converter Do?

Every part of a car is there to serve a purpose. Some are more important than others. The catalytic converter is one of the most important parts of a vehicle’s build. Here are a few of the main functions of this component. 

  • It helps reduce airborne pollutants and harmful emissions 
  • It improves the efficiency of your car
  • It converts dangerous chemicals into relatively harmless ones.

This component of the vehicle’s exhaust works to ensure a safe breathing and driving environment for drivers and passengers. 

How Does It Work?

The converter uses a catalyst to convert harmful pollutants into safe gasses. Gasses enter the catalyst through an input pipe that is connected to the engine of the vehicle. The gasses are then blown over the catalyst causing a chemical reaction that separates the pollutants. The new and less harmful gasses then exit through an output pipe that is connected to the tailpipe of the vehicle. 

In other words, the dangerous gasses enter the chamber to be filtered and exit in the form of steam or other less dangerous substances. 

Catalytic Converter Repairs and Replacements in Phoenix, AZ

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