The Importance of Exhaust System Maintenance and Repair

The Importance of Exhaust System Maintenance and Repair

Whether it’s top of mind for you or not, your car’s exhaust system is at work all of the time. In this blog, we’ll discuss why exhaust system maintenance and repair are critical.

What is Your Exhaust System?

Though certainly not a glamorous car component, your car’s exhaust system removes the gasses that naturally form in the engine. As you might expect, this is crucial to ensure your car doesn’t overheat or spark a fire. The exhaust system is made up of the manifold, oxygen sensor, catalytic converter, muffler, and exhaust pipes.

Why Is It Important to Maintain Your Exhaust System?

Though there are certainly more than this, here are a few reasons to maintain your exhaust system with care:

Noise Reduction

By nature, gas engines are noisy things. Luckily, we have mufflers to help dampen the noises created by the engines in our cars. Without a muffler, the sound of an engine is nearly unbearable – I’m sure you’ve heard it in neighboring cars. By taking care of your exhaust system, which contains your muffler, you can be sure to ensure your car will stay quiet and peaceful to ride in.

Lessen Emissions

Another part of the exhaust system is the catalytic converter, which helps to turn the harmful gasses created by the engine into OK gasses, such as carbon dioxide and nitrogen. The catalytic converter, therefore, helps to reduce emissions of harmful gasses into the environment. By paying attention to your exhaust system, you can ensure your emissions will be lessened and your carbon footprint will be, too.

Improve Fuel Efficiency

Who doesn’t love making their car more fuel efficient? By taking care of an exhaust system, particularly the catalytic converter, you can ensure your vehicle will perform at its top MPG ability. If it becomes clogged, this can lower your gas mileage, costing you more money.

Prevent Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Though rare, carbon monoxide can enter the car’s cabin if the exhaust system is not properly maintained, specifically if the catalytic converter is not functioning properly. You certainly want to ensure your family is safe and sound by keeping up to date with your car’s exhaust system repairs. 

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Performance Muffler is a premier, full-service exhaust shop based in both Phoenix and Peoria, Arizona. We have over 15 years of experience in serving our community’s exhaust and muffler systems. We are totally dedicated to providing your car, whether a performance vehicle or your daily driver, with the best service possible to ensure maximum driving pleasure. Our team of professionals are true car lovers, so you can know that we will take the best care of your car.

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