The Perfect Fit: Choosing a Cat-Back Exhaust

The Perfect Fit: Choosing a Cat-Back Exhaust

Does your car seem as if it’s just dragging along? Is the engine sound dull, with no thrill whatsoever? Why not spice things up with a cat-back exhaust systems upgrade?

The cat-back system connects to your car’s catalytic converter, boosting engine performance and giving your ride that unique purr. The package includes a rear pipe, muffler, and resonator. Some models might have more components than others.

Installing this system is pretty straightforward. Still, you’re better off hiring a professional to avoid blunders that might cost you thousands of dollars to fix. 

Let’s dig deeper into cat-back exhaust systems and see if it’s really worth your hard-earned money.

Understanding Cat-Back Exhaust Systems

What’s a cat-back exhaust? Basically, it’s the part of your car’s exhaust system that starts at the catalytic converter and goes all the way to the tip of the exhaust pipe. 

This aftermarket upgrade of your stock exhaust setup contains the resonator, muffler, piping, clamps, and exhaust tip. Needless to say, each part plays its own unique role but, when assembled perfectly, creates a symphony of performance gains.

But why do you really need a cat-back exhaust system?

With it, you can significantly improve your car’s horsepower and make your engine sound more exciting. These systems come with durable mandrels that generate super smooth laminar airflow. Also, they have wider diameter piping for maximum performance benefits.

This design makes them way more efficient than your average exhaust system since it reduces backpressure at the engine manifold to a minimum. Inevitably, your engine will get better airflow and provide a noticeable increase in performance. 

In addition, a cat-back system helps your engine expel exhaust gases, reducing the overall load. So it will consume less fuel, saving you money at the pump. 

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Cat-Back Exhaust

Looking for a top-of-the-line cat-back exhaust system? Taking these key points into account will help you get the best one for your car.

Split or Custom Design

What you want to achieve will determine whether to choose a split cat-back exhaust or a custom-designed system.

If you want to improve your exhaust system’s aesthetics, a split cat-back system would be excellent. This system features exhaust pipes that split into two, alongside a muffler and exhaust tips. If you’re after maximum performance, it’s the way to go. But woe unto you if the engine sound is too hard on your ears. 

A skilled technician can also design a cat-back system tailored to your specific needs. This design is ideal if you often go off-road. 

Material and Quality

When picking the perfect cat-back exhaust for your ride, never underestimate the essential ingredients: material and quality!

The two main options here are stainless steel or aluminum:

  • Stainless steel is the most popular material for cat-back systems thanks to its unrivaled durability and rust resistance. It may cost you more upfront than other materials, but it will look better for longer.
  • Aluminum cat-backs are the way to go if you want something light on your wallet and your vehicle. Sadly, they’re fragile and get dents easily.

Type of Muffler

You can pick either a glasspack or a straight-through muffler. Both of these muffler designs offer essentially equal performance, so it’s just up to which piques your interest more.

If you want an engine that’ll be extra loud, a glasspack muffler is the way to go. But if you’d prefer something slightly subdued, a straight-through muffler will do the trick.

What’s Your Budget? 

The features and performance you can get from a cat-back exhaust system usually boil down to your budget. If you’re tight on budget, you can choose aluminum over stainless steel. Sadly, you may spend more money in the long run because aluminum systems don’t last as long. 

Performance Muffler’s Cat-Back Exhaust Solutions

Performance Muffler’s cat-back exhaust systems are a must-have for any car enthusiast looking to boost their ride and make it roar like the king of the jungle.

When it’s time to upgrade your car’s performance, Performance Muffler is the only place to trust in Phoenix. For over 15 years, they’ve supplied top-notch solutions for all types of cat-back exhaust systems

With all the exhaust systems out there to choose from, picking the perfect one for your car is no easy feat. Whether you’re looking for a stock catalytic converter replacement or you just want to give your ride that extra boost with a cat-back system, Performance Muffler has your back. 

Their proficient technicians will help you select exactly what’s ideal for your car and budget. But at what price exactly? 

A cat-back exhaust would certainly come with loads of perks. As such, spending money to buy and install it wouldn’t be too much of a sacrifice.

With a Performance Muffler cat-back exhaust system, you’ll hit the sweet spot between sheer power and pocket-friendly fuel economy. These, coupled with a thrilling engine sound, will certainly leave you 100% satisfied.

Receive Expert Catalytic Converter Service in Phoenix

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