The Top Reasons Why Your Exhaust System is Making Noise

The Top Reasons Why Your Exhaust System Is Making Noise

Imagine sitting behind the wheel of your car and hearing a loud, sudden noise. You determine the strange sound is coming from your exhaust system, but what exactly is the reason behind it? This guide uncovers some of the common reasons why these systems make noise, and what it means in terms of exhaust repairs and replacements

Dive into the top reasons behind loud exhaust systems and learn how Performance Muffler can help calm the noise. 

The Engine Needs Re-Tuning

Car backfires can take anyone by surprise. You may think that this occurrence has something to do with your entire exhaust system; however, this may not turn out to be the case. Even though backfiring comes out through your exhaust, it actually means that the engine needs re-tuning.

While you should still take your car to a professional mechanic for this service, you can rest easy knowing that the problem doesn’t directly lie in your exhaust system. Therefore, exhaust repairs and replacements won’t be necessary. Be mindful that until the engine undergoes service, the tailpipe is likely to keep backfiring and startling you and others on the road. 

There Is a Blockage Somewhere 

The type of noise your car makes is important in determining a problem with the exhaust. If the exhaust pipes make a chugging noise, you likely have a blockage within the system that is preventing it from functioning as it should. 

Bring your car into a local service shop like Performance Muffler to remove the blockage and you’re your engine running properly. 

The Silencer Becomes Corroded

The main reason why your exhaust system has suddenly become noisy may be fairly straightforward. The system’s silencer, which keeps all parts running smoothly and quietly, is now unable to do its job because of corrosion. 

Silencers often require professional service given their location away from the engine. An excess of acidic moisture over time distorts the silencer and results in a variety of startling noises within the exhaust system. 

Evidence of corrosion signals that your car needs professional servicing. The skilled team at Performance Muffler can inspect all parts of the system and make a recommendation. Both exhaust repairs and replacements are a possibility depending on the extent of damage to the silencer. 

There Are Cracks in the Exhaust System

Use your senses when you suspect damage to your exhaust system. Hearing an unusual noise is one sign that you need repairs. However, at other times you can visually check for damage. 

Scope out all parts of the exhaust system running down to the tailpipe. If you spot any gaps or cracks, it’s safe to assume you’ll need a replacement. 

This is especially prevalent if holes appear at interconnecting points. For example, a hole in the area between the exhaust manifold and cylinder is a clear indication that you’ll need a replacement. Performance Muffler is able to fully equip your vehicle with a new exhaust system if this problem occurs. 

There Is a Leak

Any noticeable leaking or strange noises are two of the tell-tale signs that something is amiss with your car or truck. In some cases, you could experience both. 

A leak within your exhaust system can result in weird sounds and precede a range of professional service repairs. Be sure to check which section of the car is leaking to get a proper diagnosis. Front engine leaks can mean damage to the manifold or gasket, while leaks in the back often indicate a problem with the muffler. 

Leaks near the center of the car can have a few different causes. Typically, loose connections, bad seals, and holes are the main culprits. 

Be mindful of your car’s catalytic converter. If a central exhaust leak damages this piece to the point of replacement, it turns into a serious and more costly repair. Don’t ignore any signs of leaking as this puts you at risk for dangerous carbon monoxide poisoning. 

The Muffler Needs Replacing

Examine your muffler if anything is out of the ordinary. These essential components face plenty of wear over time, to the point where they need replacing. Your muffler is due for replacement if you notice a hole or if there’s a loose connection. 

Replacing your muffler can make a huge difference in the way your exhaust system sounds and functions. Reach out to Performance Muffler if you experience any abnormal exhaust noises or spot visible muffler damage. 

Rust Formation

Your exhaust system is susceptible to rusting, which triggers the need for exhaust repairs and replacements. External rust is a warning sign that your car may need professional service, especially if the rust inundates the internal component. 

You can check the extent of damage yourself by taking a screwdriver or similar tool and poking the area. If the parts stay intact and feel strong, you’re in the clear. However, if the component feels loose or part disintegrates upon poking it, you’ll need to replace it. 

The expert technicians at Performance Muffler can tackle this problem head-on and get your car running the way it’s supposed to. 

Receive Expert Exhaust Repairs and Replacements in Phoenix

Now that you know the many reasons why your exhaust system could be making noises, be sure to turn to the right experts for the fix. 

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