What Is A DPF Delete?

Modern cars are fitted with new technology and components to enhance efficiency. One of such components is the diesel particulate filter (DPF). Since 2009, cars are required to have DFF their exhaust system in line with Euro 5 standards.  

As the name suggests, it is fitted in the exhaust system to filters soot. The soot is stored in a compartment inside the exhaust system. When it fills up, the vehicle undergoes a regeneration cycle which involves burning accumulated soot using fuel.  

Without a doubt, this process reduces air pollution. But it is not without its downsides. First, it significantly reduces fuel economy and vehicle power. Similarly, if the DPF is clogged and doesn’t function optimally, it can cause massive engine problems. 

Essentially, when the DPF is faulty, you will require deep cleaning by experts. This service will set you back hundreds of dollars in repair costs. Additionally, it means you will not use your car for several days. 

Luckily, you can solve all these problems through DPF delete. 

DPF Delete Explained

DPF delete configures your vehicle system to operate without the DPP. The market is awash with numerous types of DPF kits. However, they all come with a tuner and exhaust. The exhaust replaces the PDF physically. On the other hand, the tuner disables software by configuring engine codes.

You must ensure DPF delete is compatible with your vehicle system. Additionally, the mechanics must have the necessary experience and expertise to do the job without tampering with the sensors when coding the system. Performance Muffler is your go-to shop for quality muffler and exhaust system components in Phoenix, AZ. We deal with the selling and installation of a wide vehicle assortment. 

Why DPF Delete is Beneficial

With the massive environmental benefit of DPF, many people wonder why you should remove it. Besides preventing engine damage, installing DPF delete enhances fuel economy, horsepower improvement, and engine responsiveness. 

1. Improve fuel mileage 

Everyone wants to cut down fuel costs, right? We thought so. When the DPF clogs up, it slows down the fuel flow. By installing DPF, the fuel flow is much more seamless, which enhances fuel economy. 

2. Boost Horsepower 

DPF, especially when clogged, affects airflow and causes delays in the exhaust process.  Additionally, it affects the overall engine performance and power. When you remove the DPF, fuel flows better into the engine, boosting power generation and pressure. DPF delete is a sure way to increase engine horsepower. 

3. Reduce maintenance and replacement costs 

DPF gets clogged or filled pretty much quickly. It also required regular checking and cleaning to ensure it operated optimally.  This can add up the maintenance cost quite significantly.  Also, you might need to remove it when it gets defective. Remember removing the DPF is quite costly.  Investing in a DPF kit is an ideal way of avoiding these huge costs once and for all.

Why You Need Professional Help 

Removing the DPF is a breeze depending on the car type and the component location. The job simply involves unbolting it from the exhaust system. In some cars, the job involves dismantling the front subframe. However, removing the component in some cars is not a cakewalk. 

But it is not all fun. You have to ensure the engine control unit (ECU) is fine DPF operation.  Some people use capacitors to trick the ECU the DPF is working optimally. Others use ECU to remove the DPF completely from the sensor. 

If you have experience doing a spanner job, you can easily conceal DPF delete from the ministry of transport testers. However, the biggest headache is dealing with ECU. 

Regardless of experience level with the spanner, you are better off with the service of a reputable dealer who specializes in DPF filters in Phoenix. Whether you want to enhance fuel economy or you just boost horsepower, investing in DPF delete will prove a prudent choice. The main obstacle is getting a trusted dealership in Phoenix that can guarantee top-notch quality service. 

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