Will a cat back exhaust void my warranty

Will a Cat-Back Exhaust Void My Warranty?

Cat-back exhaust systems provide enhanced fuel efficiency by improving airflow from the engine. But before installing a new cat-back exhaust system, consider the impact modifying your vehicle has on your warranty. Some companies may refuse to pay for repairs of modified cars, even if the vehicle lands squarely within the warranty period. 

Will a cat-back exhaust void your warranty? Maybe. Many factors determine whether or not companies pay for the repairs of modified vehicles. Continue reading to learn if cat back exhaust systems void warranties and how to prepare yourself for dealing with companies reluctant to pay for costly repairs. 

Why Would A Company Refuse to Honor My Warranty? 

Stock exhaust systems prove capable, reliable, and well-rounded. However, not all stock exhaust systems meet the needs of car owners. For individuals living in urban environments, the built-in exhaust system may prove inefficient for short drives. Modifying exhaust systems allows car owners to customize their driving experience to meet their needs. 

The cat-back exhaust system consists of resonators, piping, and mufflers connected to the end of the catalytic converters. Cat-back exhaust systems prove essential for car owners looking to reduce the sound of their engine, improve fuel efficiency, replace rusty exhaust systems, and provide additional airflow for a modified engine. Other benefits of cat back exhaust systems include: 

  • Improved horsepower
  • Improved appearance of Stainless Steel 
  • Reduced car weight 
  • Custom designs 

But does installing a cat-back exhaust system void your vehicle’s warranty? The answer depends upon the damage or repairs needed for your car. For example, car manufacturers must still honor warranties if you modify your exhaust system but begin to have trouble with your transmissions. 

But, if your cat’s back exhaust system directly or indirectly causes damages to other areas of your car, car manufacturers may have the right to refuse warranties. Always have professional mechanics install cat back exhaust systems to ensure proper installation and avoid complications. Poorly installed cat-back exhaust systems result in lower fuel economy, slow acceleration, and leaking exhaust manifolds. 

What to Know When Communicating with Car Dealers and Manufacturers 

Navigating the process of getting warranties approved and communicating with car dealers and manufacturers proves difficult. If your car requires repairs and you think a modified cat back exhaust may interfere with your contract, consider the following tips: 

Magnuson Moss Warranty Act of 1975 

Congress passed the Magnuson Moss Warranty Act in 1975 to grant customers detailed accounts of a company’s warranty policy. Congress intended the Magnuson Moss Warranty Act to: 

  • Increase competition between businesses offering warranties
  • Grant customers comprehensive information regarding warranty policies
  • Provide federal standards for high-quality warranties

As a result of the Magnuson Moss Warranty Act, customers have the right to the detailed warranty information and legal precedents for warranty conflicts. To ensure companies honor their warranty, always keep detailed records of communication with car dealerships and manufacturers. If your cat-back exhaust system proves unrelated to your vehicle’s issues, detailed accounts of your car’s situation remain vital. 

Professional Installation 

To guarantee the function, appearance, and safety of your vehicle, always have cat-back exhaust systems installed by professionals. When the time comes to redeem your car’s warranty, poorly installed exhaust systems provide car company’s the perfect excuse to deny warranties. Contact your local automotive experts for assistance to ensure your vehicle runs smoothly and receives the care offered by dealership warranties.

Professional installation of exhaust systems proves even more vital if your car has received additional modifications, such as superchargers or suspension upgrades. Car dealerships and manufacturers will attempt to fault “poorly installed modifications” and “consumer-caused engine malfunctions” as grounds for denying warranties. Give yourself the upper hand by having all car modifications installed by trained professionals. 

What to Do If Denied Warranty

If you fail to receive maintenance under your dealership’s warranty, collect your communication with the dealership and manufacturers and contact a regional manager. When accepting and denying warranties of modified vehicles, dealerships must air on the side of caution. Regional managers typically resolve warranty issues and thoroughly understand the Magnuson Moss Warranty Act. 

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