3 Annual Inspections for Car Maintenance

It’s no surprise that cars can be a lot of work. Headlights/taillights, engine oil, transmission fluid, tire pressure, car interior, bumpers, the list can go on. That’s why you don’t have to handle the stress, care, and time that goes into proper car maintenance by yourself. You need a team ready to help you along the way and look no further than your auto shop.

With caring for your car and ensuring it lasts a long time, there are different interval levels for what’s needed. For example, every month you should check your tire pressure and windshield wiper fluid. Every three months you should normally change your oil and replace wiper blades if needed. But there can be a few annual tasks that go unnoticed or forgotten. Performance Muffler is here (not just with this article but also ready to service your vehicle) to share three things that your auto shop should inspect annually for proper car maintenance.

Inspect Brake System   

Arguably the most important thing your mechanic should inspect annually is your vehicle’s brake system. Of course, the brake system includes brake fluid, brake linings, rotors, and brake pads.

Brake pads on average last between 30,000 to 35,000 miles. So, you likely won’t need any replacements or fixes with your brake system for your annual inspection. However, you can never be too safe with thoroughly checking your brakes. Even if you haven’t noticed any squeaking noises or longer stopping times, brake inspections are crucial.

Inspect Shocks and Struts

Another instrumental element to your car’s driving are the shocks and struts. Shocks help keep your vehicle steady and resistant to bouncing. You’ll most likely notice any problems as you brake, accelerate, or drive over gravel or bumpy roads. But, similar to your brakes, you can’t go wrong by having your mechanic take a look once a year. And if it’s a good, consistent mechanic, they’ll probably already inspect it annually.

Replace Coolant/Antifreeze along with Other Fluids

Another important annual vehicle task is inspecting and replacing coolant/antifreeze. This can depend on your vehicle’s make and model. For that reason, it’s always best to leave this to the professionals. Let them offer their opinion on your coolant/antifreeze levels and when you should replace them.

In the same vein, many other fluids are essential to your vehicle’s performance. Brake fluid, transmission fluid, and windshield washer fluid. Talk with your auto shop when you bring your car in for their help with these as well.

Other Vehicle Items to Pay Attention to

Apart from annual tasks, you should keep your eye out for a few other items as you care for your vehicle. These will depend on your vehicle and how often you’re driving.

Air filters. These may need to be replaced every year, but you’ll have a good idea when the oil is changed. Air filters keep debris out of the engine, so don’t forget their importance.

Car battery. Your car battery can last between three and five years. But it’s advised to start inspecting after a battery’s third year. An auto shop can help you with this too. After all, you don’t want to end up having to jump-start your car. Take care of your car’s battery before it gets to that stage.

Exhaust system. You can keep an ear out for and regularly inspect any potential exhaust system damage. A vehicle’s muffler and catalytic converter often are the prime suspects. Yet, the professionals at Performance Muffler are happy to help with any exhaust system questions, services, or repairs.

Regular Vehicle Maintenance

Regular car care and maintenance will ensure your vehicle runs for years on end. That’s why we recommend these regular maintenance tasks, such as checking your tires, examining belts/hoses, and more.

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