Signs You Should Replace Your Exhaust System

The exhaust system is one of the most intricate and complex parts of your car. Of course, it’s also one of the most necessary. Unlike other parts of your car, exhaust repairs aren’t as routine as oil changes, tire rotations, and battery replacements. So, it requires a keen eye to always be looking for when an exhaust repair is in order.

Your exhaust system can communicate its problems to you in sound, sight, and smell. The exhaust system also covers the entire length of your vehicle, so a problem can occur almost anywhere. In this article, we will identify warning signs that it may be time to replace or repair your exhaust system. 

Excessive Noises

There’s no doubt that if your engine is making a lot of noise, that’s a problem, but what does each noise mean? Because there are so many elements to an exhaust system, each problem can have a distinct noise. A faulty gasket on the exhaust manifold will produce a hissing or tapping sound. Knocking can indicate a detonation knock, meaning there’s a mixture of fuel and air in an engine cylinder. An engine also idling or roaring too loudly means that cylinder compression can be on the fritz. Of course, any other rattling, shaking, or mysterious noise is not a good sign. This can often point to the muffler, which is responsible for drowning out any sounds your engine produces. 

Driving on a bad, loud engine or car for a while is not recommended. It can be unsafe and cause long-term damage to your vehicle. As soon as you hear anything that could be problematic coming from your car, you should get your car checked out quickly. Don’t be afraid to contact Performance Muffler once you identify an issue with your engine. 

Worse Performance

Because the engine is so crucial to your car, it’s a common sign that decreased performance can indicate a bad exhaust system. This is where the observant driver can make an impact to quickly fix their car based on feel or other performance-based signs. 

With a bad engine, your vehicle will struggle to accelerate as quickly, which often is the result of an engine leak somewhere throughout your exhaust system. And with bad performance comes bad fuel mileage. Your car is working harder to overcome engine problems that will result in it burning fuel more quickly, costing you more money at the pump. This is why it’s good to take a mental note of how much gas you take at the pump for roughly how many miles you’ve driven each time you fill up. 

Burning or Gas Smells

There are two key smells that can pinpoint an engine problem: a burning or gas smell. A bad gasket on the exhaust can cause a whistling sound, but it can also emit a distinct burning smell. You’ll often be able to smell this even from inside the vehicle or getting out after driving. Another distinct smell is gas, which means your car is leaking from one of the exhaust pipes, a problem for both your car and the environment. 

Visible Problems

Finally, a common sign it’s time to replace your exhaust system can simply come from looking at it. Inspect your muffler, tail pipe, and exhaust system under the hood periodically to see if anything appears out of order, rusted, cracked, or stained with black spots. Minor exhaust leaks can eventually damage aspects of your car, sometimes beyond repair. Smoke is another immediate sign that our vehicle needs to be serviced as soon as you are able to take it in. 

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