How Excessive Sunlight Can Damage Your Vehicle 

Memorial Day has passed, which means summer is now in full swing. For you and your family, that probably means backyard grill outs, swim parties, and fun vacations. It’s also a time for vehicle owners to be vigilant to potential summer car problems. But one thing many vehicle owners can forget about with the hot, summer months is the damage that excessive sunlight can have on your vehicle. 

At Performance Muffler, we want you, your family, and all drivers out there to be safe this summer. That’s why in this article we’ll explain how excessive sunlight can damage your vehicle and proactive tips. (Feel free to read our other blogs for more tips, such as how to jump-start a car or check your car’s oil.)

Different Ways Sunlight Can Hurt Your Car

We often think that our cars are built to withstand almost anything and last a long time. But the unfortunate reality is that’s not the truth. Vehicles are subject to all kinds of damage every time they cruise on the road or even sit in park; the heat is no different. In fact, State Farm® Vehicle Research Facility testing has discovered that “interior surfaces exposed to direct sunlight had recorded temperatures in excess of 195 degrees Fahrenheit.” Plain and simple, your vehicle is not supposed to continually endure these conditions. So, how exactly does heat and sunlight hurt your vehicle? 

Dashboard Issues 

Your dashboard is typically front and center to the sunlight. Your windshield intensifies the heat against the dash. As heat builds up within the vehicle, your dash fades over time and loses its vibrant appearance. In extreme cases, dashboard materials can even split or crack. 

Upholstery Issues

Along with your dashboard, the vehicle upholstery is vulnerable to sunlight and heat. Upholstery includes the car interior that has fabric, such as the roof, seats, etc. Leather seats can age quickly and upholstery color fades. Upholstery can stiffern, dry, and crack. 

Paint Fading

Apart from the interior, your exterior withers with sunlight, too. Specifically, one thing you can see is paint chipping and fading. Particular colors, like black, red, or blue, are more susceptible than other colors. 

Plastic Part Problems

Paint will fade with sunlight and so do plastic parts on your car’s exterior. Bumpers, fenders, mirror covers, and luggage racks are just as susceptible to sunlight as the rest of your car. These parts will fade and lose their color with more and more sunlight over time. 

Tire Pressure Harm

Extreme temperatures, especially significant temperature changes, decrease tire pressure. With lower tire pressure, your tires are more likely to blow out, causing a much bigger issue than some paint chipping. 

Easy Ways to Protect Against Excessive Sunlight and Heat

Luckily, you can plan a significant role against excessive sunlight damaging your vehicle. Here are some simple yet effective solutions for you and your vehicle: 

  • Park in the shade or in a garage. The value of continually parking in shade can not be overstated. It will keep your car cool and extremely comfortable. 
  • Use a windshield sun protector. These sun protector visors are easier to use than you think. And the 30 seconds it takes to put it up will help you out in the long run. 
  • Wash and dry your car’s exterior often. A frequent wash stops dirt and dust build-up, which is only intensified from continual, excessive heat. 
  • Check tire pressure often and continually. This is also a good regular vehicle maintenance task. Keeping your tires in good shapes ensures a longer life span, better fuel economy, and protection with the heat. 
  • Check under the hood: fluids, battery, and AC. To combat the heat and sunlight, ensure your entire vehicle is in good working order. This all starts under the hood. Do your due diligence, or ask your trusted mechanic to take a look to make sure everything is set for you to tackle the heat this summer. On top of summer heat straining your vehicle, the last thing you want is your car to overheat

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