Improving Fuel Efficiency with a Custom Exhaust 

One expense at the top of everyone’s mind right now is the rising gas prices. What if we told you that there was a way to improve your car’s fuel efficiency, thus saving you some money at the pump? That’s right. The best way to revolutionize your car’s fuel economy (besides owning a hybrid car or never driving) is upgrading to a custom exhaust system. 

A custom exhaust, also called an aftermarket exhaust, replaces factory-fitted components of the exhaust system. Vehicle owners get a say in how their exhaust system is layed out, separating your vehicle from the same make and models on the road. Performance Muffler has been a top custom exhaust shop in Phoenix since 2007, so we’ve played our part in countless exhaust upgrades. Of the many benefits from a custom exhaust, fuel efficiency certainly peaks the list. That’s why in this article we’ll detail the financial investment that a custom exhaust has with greater fuel efficiency. 

Basics of the Exhaust System

Let’s first review what an exhaust system is and how it works. The exhaust consists of an exhaust valve, piston, manifold, catalytic converter, exhaust pipe, and muffler. All of these components work together to collect waste (gasses) from the combustion process and move them out and away from the vehicle. Your exhaust has a direct impact on performance, sound, and efficiency. 

How Does the Exhaust Affect Fuel Efficiency?

Fuel efficiency is a measure for how much a car will convert energy to travel. If you can improve fuel efficiency by 4%, that means you will use 4% less fuel than you were before but still get the same energy output. Other factors contribute to fuel efficiency, such as safe driving habits or properly-inflated tires, but undoubtedly the biggest factor is a good-working exhaust system. 

In simple terms, your exhaust system impacts fuel efficiency based on how fast it’s able to remove exhaust gasses. So, the more quickly every exhaust component works in conjunction with combustion, conversion, and transportation of gasses, the better a vehicle will run. Aftermarket exhausts also specifically target performance, whereas factor exhausts are designed to be quieter and have lower costs. Additionally, car manufacturers are more interested in producing cars quickly rather than making the best product. That can only be achieved with aftermarket upgrades and tweaks dedicated to improving your vehicle’s performance. 

Examples of Aftermarket Exhaust Upgrades to Improve Fuel Efficiency

Because the exhaust system is so intricate and complex, there are several upgrades you can undertake to increase performance. Here are some of the most common and worthwhile: 

  • Cat-Back Exhaust System
    • A cat-back exhaust system replaces the original equipment manufacturer system from the catalytic converter and back (that’s why it’s called a cat-back). Air flow is instrumental to improving engine efficiency, and this new system sends colder, denser air to the engine. The improved air creates more power and better overall function. 
  • High Flow Catalytic Converter
  • Muffler Delete
    • Like the name implies, a muffler delete is removing the muffler from your vehicle. Car manufacturers include mufflers to reduce the noise from a vehicle engine, but they aren’t essential to your car’s performance. In fact, a muffler can diminish your vehicle’s performance, since it is another step in the exhaust process. Without a muffler, spent gasses can leave your vehicle more quickly, which improves the performance and fuel efficiency. 

On top of these three solutions, there are still more ways to add aftermarket upgrades to your vehicle. From exhaust tips to exhaust cutouts, or exhaust headers and other pipe upgrades, you can continuously tweak your exhaust system. And so, you’ll be continually improving its performance. If you’re looking for more upgrades, Performance Muffler is the garage for you. 

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There should be no more doubt: a custom exhaust is instrumental to improving fuel efficiency. It’s one of the best returns on investment you can put into your vehicle. And if you want to improve your ride while enhancing fuel efficiency, contact us for a free quote

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