What Is A Cat-Back Exhaust System?

Cat-Back Exhaust Defined

One thing that is getting more and more popular with gearheads is significantly modifying your vehicle. While many vehicle modifications only provide an aesthetic improvement, there are a few that provide both aesthetic and performance improvement. One of those is the cat-back exhaust system.

A Cat-back exhaust system is a vehicle modification that improves the airflow from altering the exhaust pipe. Because it refers to the components after exhaust gasses flow through the catalytic converter, it is called the “cat-back” (back of the cat-alytic converter) exhaust system. These parts include the mid-pipe, muffler, tailpipe, and exhaust tips.

How Is a Cat-Back Exhaust System Different from a Normal Exhaust System?  

The exhaust system of any vehicle will depend upon its make and model, but the cat-back exhaust system is an after-market modification. This modification is done by upgrading an exhaust pipe with a large diameter and adding a more efficient mid-pipe, muffler, and tailpipe. The catalytic converter remains in the vehicle modification of a cat-back exhaust system (because all of the changes happen to the parts back of the catalytic converter), so the emissions are not changed but there’s an improvement within the airflow of the exhaust system.

Notable Pros

The cat-back exhaust system has several benefits, including noise, performance, and weight reduction. Whereas other modifications, such as the axle-back exhaust system, only focus on increasing the vehicle’s sound.

Better sound. One of the most common reasons for modifying your exhaust system is adding a distinct sound. You can make your vehicle roar, almost like a racecar. There’s no doubt your car can stand out with this modification.

Better performance. Needless to say, an exhaust system is crucial to a car’s performance. It removes gases from the engine and funnels them underneath the car. With a larger exhaust pipe and other modifications, the cat-back exhaust system allows your vehicle to not have to work as hard and thus improves its performance. This specific modification also helps to reduce weight, adding more power with less weight, which is another strong component to increasing its performance.

Improved look. The cat-back exhaust system includes changing the exhaust tips, which is the most visible part of the exhaust system. Upgrading these means a better, improved overall look for your vehicle.

Differences Between Cat-Back Exhaust Systems

When adding a cat-back exhaust system, there are a few personalization routes you can pursue. The main choice is whether you want a single exhaust or a dual exhaust. The dual exhaust more quickly removes burnt gases and funnels them out, which makes for a better system. The single exhaust system has been fading away with newer cars because it almost has an outdated look and worse performance than the dual system. When you upgrade your car with a cat-bck, it’s more than worthwhile to modify your vehicle to a dual exhaust system.

Additionally, you can choose between stainless steel and aluminum. Your mechanic may have some more insight into what’s right for you, but what you need to know is that stainless steel is certainly the more expensive choice since it works much better against rusting.

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