What Are Exhaust Cutouts?

When looking for an aftermarket modification to your car, it’s always great when you find something that improves function and also the aesthetic. Because you won’t often improve both, this can be a big ask for gearheads. But you’re in luck if you’re considering adding an exhaust cutout. 

Exhaust cutouts may be a foreign thing to many drivers, so let’s first define what it is. An exhaust cutout is a device installed in the exhaust system that can bypass the muffler and essentially function as a straight pipe exhaust. Drivers can choose when they want their exhaust cutout to function at the click of a button, often on the left side of the steering column. 

How Does an Exhaust Cutout Work?    

The exhaust cutout is installed between the header and the muffler within the exhaust system. It’s a Y-pipe installation so that exhaust fumes can travel through two different regions. One region leads toward the muffler and out an exhaust tailpipe. The other region will depend upon your modification. Some exhaust cutouts will have fumes exit almost right after the exhaust cutout. Others can connect to a tailpipe separate from the muffler. 

A properly installed exhaust cutout will electrically link to the dashboard. From there, the driver can open and close the exhaust cutout at the press of a button. When you open the exhaust cutout, the exhaust fumes bypass the muffler, unleashing a great deal of noise. Then, seamlessly you can close the exhaust cutout to audibly blend in with the rest of the cars next to you. An exhaust cutout easily allows you to switch from racecar sound to normal engine. 

Benefits of an Exhaust Cutout     

As mentioned, an exhaust cutout benefits drivers with its functionality and aesthetic. Since the cutout is under the car, you might be asking, “What aesthetic?” Well, we consider that as part of the sound with the exhaust cutout. Many gearheads tweak with their beloved car for an improved, roaring sound. (Such as with a muffler delete or exhaust tips.) With an exhaust cutout, you have that option of a roaring sound at the touch of your fingertips. 

In addition to an aesthetic upgrade, the exhaust cutout can improve your vehicle’s performance. Simply, the faster that exhaust fumes can be pushed out of the engine, the more horsepower your car will have. When your exhaust cutout is open, you are bypassing the muffler and increasing the speed that fumes leave your vehicle. So, an open exhaust cutout increases a vehicle’s horsepower. Thus, an exhaust cutout has two great benefits to any gearhead looking to improve their ride. 

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