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Benefits of a Custom Exhaust System

If you love your ride, then you don’t want it to be like any other make and model on the road. You want something better and something that’s personal to you. Luckily, most auto manufacturers use affordable and standardized parts to mass produce cars, which leaves individual drivers plenty of opportunity to customize their vehicle. And one of the most attractive aftermarket upgrades for any car is a custom exhaust system.

Improving your exhaust system is easier than most think. Plus, you can do as much or as little as you want. From exhaust tips, a cat-back modification, or to a full-scale redo, you can transform your vehicle to your liking. We at Performance Muffler have prided ourselves on being a top custom exhaust shop in the Phoenix area since 2007. So, in this article, we’ll explain 4 benefits that come with a custom exhaust system. 

Increased Power    

There’s no surprise that one of the biggest reasons anyone wants to modify their exhaust system is to increase power. This can happen through several ways, but two common options include a cat-back exhaust system and a high-flow catalytic converter. Factory-made exhaust systems often come with small diameter pipes, slowing down how quickly exhaust gasses travel. So, as you (or your mechanic) work to upgrade your exhaust system, any increase in diameter makes a great difference. Your engine will have power freed up which will boost your torque and horsepower. 

Better Fuel Economy  

You might assume that increased power goes hand in hand with better fuel economy, but this can have the opposite effect. Because the engine burns more fuel to keep up with the power output, your fuel economy can decrease. That’s why it’s crucial to trust the professionals and find a good balance between performance and fuel economy. Alterations on your muffler, downpipe, and exhaust manifold have a direct impact for your car’s performance. This is where a full exhaust replacement instead of smaller upgrades has an impact. In the end, with the right customization you can cut down on fuel costs and make your investment worth it. 


Every gearhead wants their car to have the roar of a race car; it’s a key characteristic to personalizing your car and separating it from everything else on the road. A fan favorite for improving your vehicle’s noise is an exhaust cutout. Exhaust cutouts allow drivers to bypass the muffler to temporarily function as a straight pipe exhaust. You get the roar you want when you want and then can seamlessly switch to your normal exhaust structure. Additionally, you can remove a muffler or alter your exhaust tips. 

Better Look and Quality 

A misconception with improving the exhaust system is that it doesn’t contribute to the overall aesthetic of the car. But this can’t be further from the truth. The exhaust pipes behind the catalytic converter are visible in certain situations and play a part in your car’s look. Even adding a dual exhaust can be considered an aesthetic improvement. On top of that, going beyond the manufacturer’s boilerplate parts. These common parts can deteriorate more quickly than the high quality parts that come with a custom exhaust system. 

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There’s no doubt that the significant benefits of a custom exhaust system outweigh any potential cons. It’s more affordable than you’ll think, and it all adds to a better, longer life for your car. So, if you’re looking to shape your ride to how you want it all while improving the performance, fuel economy, sound, and quality, contact Performance Muffler for a free quote

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